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Please provide information in form below and we will reach out to you as soon as possible. If you need to talk to us instead please call the office at (720) 514-0451.


We have a collective 20 years of lawn care experience.

We want to make your lawncare an easy, fast and reliable process so you can get back to those you love.

The Little Things

  1. One Man Crews: There will only ever be one man in charge of your yard. When you want something changed in your service such as; the trimming is too low or the mowing is not just right. You tell the guy in charge of your yard and it gets fixed. Nothing lost in translation no calling the secretary and maybe it happens. Its also more efficient from a business stand point so we can keep our prices low.
  2. Up Front Pricing: Most other Lawn care providers leave their prices off their website because they are too high to print or they just want to get you on the phone and sell you before you even have a chance to think (some adjust their prices depending on how much they think you can afford). NOT EPIC!! We will list all of our prices, for every service we offer, for our 3 main yard sizes. Find what you want and you'll know the price. If you need to know the size of your yard we'll give it to you using our Google Earth Pro.​
  3. Residential Only: No large faceless companies to deal with or huge trailers and equipment. We like personal relationships with customers in our community.
  4. Small Mowers: Heavy commercial mowers compact the soil and create ruts. The stripes the mower makes is important for the look of the yard and with wide mowers it just doesn't provide the look we want. They can also break sprinkler heads which is a constant headache to keep on top of.
  5. Efficient Routes: We focus on the being the most professional, most caring, and best value in the area. We offer incentives so that neighbors get in on it as well. That way we can concentrate our routes to eliminate long drives and lots of fuel use.
  6. Giving Back: We believe our lives and work should mean something more than just getting by. So we want to help others with Epic Lawn Pro.

Russ and Evan
—  Evan & Russ  —
Granular Based Fertilizer

We use granular for a reason. It Works! Yes liquid fertilizer is easier and quicker but it simply can't provide the same results as granular. Click learn more to watch a quick explanation video

Eco-Friendly Treatments

We do things differently around here. We base our packages on the specific needs of each lawn we work on. We only apply treatments exactly where needed and nowhere else.

Locally founded & Owned

Most times when a company touts Locally owned and Operated it is a giant countrywide franchise trying to sound relevant. We know your lawn because we've been here from the start. For Colorado by Colorado.

You have to Shut The Video off prior to closing the Window or it will keep playing

You have to Shut The Video off prior to closing the Window or it will keep playing

You have to Shut The Video off prior to closing the Window or it will keep playing

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