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Fertilizer & Lawn Care Lafayette CO
Providing Epic Lawn Service & Lawn Care

Great lawn care service in Lafayette is right at your fingertips. Epic Lawn Pro's professionals are here to fertilize, cleanup, mow, trim, and edge your lawn. We also remove leaves to keep your property pristine in the fall.

With four distinct seasons, the Lafayette Colorado climate puts lawns through a lot of stress. We bring struggling lawns back to life with a full menu of lawn care. You can count on our crew for fertilization, core aeration, and seeding. We also install fresh sod, fix broken sprinklers, and control weeds. Your lawn is an extension of your home's living space. We want you to be proud of your lawn and to be able to utilize your outdoor space and take advantage of all that your outdoor space has to offer.

We will treat your lawn, as our own. We want people to reconnect with their time and the outdoors.  We think that a first step is having a clean, beautiful lawn to allow full enjoyment of your outside living space.

Services Dist
  • Yard Clean up service in North Denver Metro

    Yard Clean up

    Tired of raking up fall leaves and other debris? Our fall lawn clean-up services will restore any residential property back to new again. We do not just whack and hack everything with a hedge trimmer. Our lawn care team will clean each plant the way that it needs to be healthy as possible.

  • Weed Spray Thornton and Broomfield

    Weed Spray

    Everybody hates weeds! The unfortunate part of killing weeds in the only way to quickly and sustainably kill them is by using man made chemicals. Our lawn care professionals only spray the weeds not the rest of the lawn. Many companies just hose down the whole lawn with weed killer, that is not only is bad for your kids, animals, and the environment but it causes issues with weed resistance in the future.

  • Insecticide & Fungicide Thornton & Broomfield Colorado

    Insecticide & Fungicide

    There are many things that cause browning in your lawn. It usually has to do with water or other factors but every once in awhile it is a nasty disease or bug. The first and most important step is the diagnosis. Then we build a lawn care treatment plan specifically for your needs. We are not the company that just dumps everything on your lawn and hopes it works. We use diagnosis and experience to target and cure the issue.

  • Mowing Services Thornton & Broomfield, CO


    We love mowing & lawn care! There is nothing better than the smell of fresh cut grass. We are not just a mow and go crew we want your lawn to look like a professional was there when we are done. From switching our direction of mowing ever week, carefully trimming around trees and decks. We do this lawn maintenance chore for you so you can Take Back Your Weekend!


Granular Based Fertilizer

We use granular for a reason. It Works! Yes liquid fertilizer is easier and quicker but it simply can't provide the same results as granular. Click learn more to watch a quick explanation video


Eco-Friendly Treatments

We do things differently around here. We base our packages on the specific needs of each lawn we work on. We only apply treatments exactly where needed and nowhere else.


Locally founded & Owned

Most times when a company touts Locally owned and Operated it is a giant countrywide franchise trying to sound relevant. We know your lawn because we've been here from the start. For Colorado by Colorado.

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You have to Shut The Video off prior to closing the Window or it will keep playing

You have to Shut The Video off prior to closing the Window or it will keep playing

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Lafayette Organic Lawn Care

Organic lawn care is a natural and environmentally friendly approach to maintaining a healthy and vibrant lawn without the use of synthetic chemicals or pesticides. It focuses on promoting soil health, using natural fertilizers, and minimizing harm to the ecosystem. Here are some key principles and practices associated with organic lawn care:

  1. Soil Testing: Start by testing your soil to understand its pH level and nutrient content. This will help you determine what your lawn needs to thrive.
  2. Compost: Organic lawn care often involves using compost to improve soil quality. Compost adds organic matter, nutrients, and beneficial microorganisms to the soil.
  3. Natural Fertilizers: Organic fertilizers, such as compost, bone meal, blood meal, and seaweed extracts, provide nutrients to your lawn without the use of synthetic chemicals. These fertilizers release nutrients slowly, promoting healthier grass growth.
  4. Proper Mowing: Set your mower blades at the correct height to avoid cutting more than one-third of the grass height at once. This encourages a stronger root system and helps shade out weeds.
  5. Aeration: Lawn aeration involves perforating the soil with small holes to allow better air and water penetration. This helps reduce compaction and improves nutrient absorption.
  6. Overseed: Overseeding your lawn with grass seed appropriate for your region can help fill in thin spots and improve the overall density of your grass.
  7. Watering Wisely: Water your lawn deeply but infrequently to encourage deep root growth. Avoid overwatering, as it can lead to shallow roots and promote weed growth.
  8. Mulching: Leave grass clippings on your lawn when you mow (grasscycling). They can decompose and provide nutrients to the soil.
  9. Weed Management: Prevent weeds through proper lawn care practices, such as maintaining a healthy, dense grass cover. Hand pulling and using natural herbicides or weed suppressants may be necessary for weed control.

Remember that organic lawn care requires a proactive and holistic approach to lawn maintenance. While it may take some time to transition from conventional practices to organic methods, the benefits include a healthier lawn, reduced environmental impact, and improved soil quality over time.